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Metaphysical meaning of Baladan (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Baladan (mbd)
Baladan, bal'-a-dan (Bab.)--Baal is his lord; worshiper of Bel; having power.

A Chaldean, father of Berodach-baladan, or Merodach-baladan, king of Babylon (II Kings 20:12).

Meta. The Chaldeans belong to the psychical realm of consciousness in man. Babylon symbolizes confusion. Baladan (having power) signifies a certain psychical (Chaldean) power in man's consciousness; it lacks true spiritual judgment (Baal is his, lord; worshiper of Bel), though it reflects some borrowed light and force. It brings forth a thought that for a time rules the state of mental confusion that is known as Babylon. (His son, Merodach-baladan, was king of Babylon.)

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