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Metaphysical meaning of sacrifices (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of sacrifices (mbd)
sacrifices to the Lord.

Meta. A refining process that is constantly going on in consciousness. Every thought and act of man sets free an energy that gravitates to its appointed place in the various realms of mind and body. The Lord is the one universal Mind, which is the receptacle of all thought. If you have a thought of love and good will, you set free invisible emanations that are impregnated with these ideas. These ascend to a higher realm and form part of your soul, and at the same time relate you to the Lord, who is the presiding Oversoul of the race. This is the inner meaning of offering sacrifices to the Lord. Everything in nature is going through this refining process and there is a constant ascension of matter to mind and mind to Spirit. We are taught that a period will finally come when the whole universe will be resolved back into its original essence in God.

We must purify our mind and body in order that Spirit may come in and do the regenerative work. Some people think it necessary to cleanse the mind only, and let the body take care of itself. Truth reveals, however, that we must in all ways fulfill the law of purity. Whoever defiles his body with impure thoughts, lustful passions, or decaying food will find his progress retarded.

The burnt offerings of bullocks and sheep on the altar represent the transmutation of the physical forces to the next higher plane of action. This is a process of body refinement that pertains to those who follow Jesus in the regeneration. The altar represents the place in consciousness where we are willing to give up the lower to the higher, the personal to the impersonal, the animal to the spiritual. The life forces of those living in generation flow to the generative center in the body and are spent in the material. This brings death to the body. When through a sincere desire for things spiritual man lifts his mind, there is a complete reversal of these life forces. Instead of a downward flow the currents start toward the heart and a process of body rejuvenation begins. Then there is rejoicing in the man and he sings praises to the Lord. This is represented by the "singing with loud instruments unto Jehovah." (See II Chron. 30:13-27.) When this blessed realization of the regeneration comes to consciousness the voices of men are heard by the Lord and their prayers ascend "even unto heaven."

When we have faith in God and the ways of Spirit we are willing to give up all our material pleasures, if such be the instruction of the inner guide, the Holy Spirit. This is a point that is also symbolized by the sacrifices so often referred to in the history of the Children of Israel.

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