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Metaphysical meaning of Ben (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ben (mbd)
Ben, ben (Heb.)--son; an emanation; a production; a grandson; a descendant; a pupil; a disciple; a follower.

A Levite. one of the doorkeepers whom David chose to assist in bringing the Ark to Jerusalem (I Chron. 15:18). Ben is a Hebrew word meaning son. In olden times people had no surnames; therefore, to distinguish one man from another, each one was always mentioned in conjunction with his father's name; thus: "John, the son of James." The word Ben was thus used as a prefix.

Meta. A positive, masculine thought in consciousness, that springs from whatever quality the name used with it indicates.

The Ben of I Chronicles 15:18 represents the idea of sonship, which idea aids greatly in returning the Ark of the Covenant (the original spark of divinity in man's being) to Jerusalem (the heart center), that it may express more perfectly in peace, harmony, and spiritual progression throughout the consciousness.

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