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Metaphysical meaning of Balah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Balah (mbd)
Balah, ba'-lah (Heb.)--trembling; terrified; withered; worn out; exhausted; decayed; old .

A city allotted to the Israelitish tribe of Simeon, in Canaan (Josh. 19:3). Balah is a short form of Baalah.

Meta. A group of thoughts in man that is formed by the belief that evil is real and is powerful, and that life is limited. Fear, weakness, old age, and decay are the result of this error belief (trembling, terrified, exhausted, withered, old); it must be redeemed by the thoughts that hear and obey the voice of Truth (Simeonites). By listening and obeying one becomes fully assured that only the good is true, that life is limitless and abiding, and that it can be demonstrated in eternal youth and vigor.

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