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Metaphysical meaning of Azaziah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Azaziah (mbd)
Azaziah, az-a-zi'-ah (Heb.)--Jehovah is mighty; Jah is strong; strengthened by Jehovah; strength of the Lord.

a A Levite who was a musician during David's reign (I Chron. 15:21). He was appointed as one of those who were to play musical instruments while the Ark of the Covenant was being brought to Jerusalem from the house of Obededom. b An Ephraimite, a chief, and father of Hoshea (I Chron. 27:20). c A Levite, one of those who had charge of the tithes and so forth in the Temple during Hezekiah's reign (II Chron. 31: 13) .

Meta. The strength of the Lord expressed in and through man (strengthened by Jehovah) as harmony (music) and as a conserver of spiritual substance in the body temple; also as an aid to the salvation (Hoshea) of the whole man.

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