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Metaphysical meaning of Tekoa (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Tekoa (mbd)
Tekoa (in A. V., II Sam. 14:2, Tekoah), te-ko'-å (Heb.)--striking; driving; pitching a tent; fixing (of tents); fastening; securing; settling; pledging; confirming; trumpet blast; alarm; signal; clapping the hands, i. e., rejoicing.

A city of Judah, founded by Ashhur (I Chron. 2:24). It was fortified by Rehoboam (II Chron. 11:6). Amos was "among the herdsmen of Tekoa" (Amos 1:1). The "wise woman" whom Joab sent to David to intercede for Absalom lived in Tekoa (II Sam. 14:2).

Meta. The establishing in the individual of a more firm and abiding idea regarding his body (pitching a tent, fixing (of tents), fastening, securing, confirming).

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