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Metaphysical meaning of Aram-naharaim (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Aram-naharaim (mbd)
Aram-naharaim, a'-ram-na'-ha-ra'-im (Heb.)--Aram of the two rivers; highlands of two rivers.

Mesopotamia, the country between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers (Gen. 24:10, margin; Psalms 60, title).

Meta. The Tigris is the river Hiddekel of Genesis 2:14, and symbolizes the nervous system. The Euphrates symbolizes the circulation of the blood in physical man. The circulatory system is closely connected with the outer physical, or seemingly material, organism of man, and the nervous system is more the organ of the mental and spiritual. The circulation of the blood symbolizes the flow of divine life throughout the body, and true, spiritual life is the real vitalizing element in both the outer and the inner phases of man. But Aram-naharaim refers to the belief of the spiritually unawakened intellect that the purely physical blood is the life of man, that which keeps the whole organism alive; this belief takes no account of the interior and spiritual phase of life, but thinks the outer to be all-sufficient.

There are persons who think that when one takes up the study of spiritual things one becomes queer and unbalanced. Sometimes those who are in the overcoming life are confronted with just such ideas, and the thought presents itself to them that they had better be content with the generally established ideas of the world regarding life and existence. These are some of the people from Aram-naharaim; they are of the intellect, governed by the sense man, or carnal mind.

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