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Metaphysical meaning of Hiddekel (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Hiddekel (mbd)
Hiddekel, h`id'-de-kel (Heb.)--swift propagator; universal generative fluid; quick flowing; rapid stream; rapid spirituous influx.

One of the four rivers of the Garden of Eden. It is the same river as the Tigris (Gen. 2:14).

Meta. Hiddekel means universal generative fluid, rapid stream, rapid spiritual influx. The river Hiddekel symbolizes the spiritual nerve fluid that God is propelling throughout man's whole being continually, as the electro-magnetic center of every physically expressed atom. This wonderful stream of nerve fluid finds its way over all nerves in man's body temple, giving him the invigorating, steadying power of the Holy Spirit.

Assyria represents the psychic realm of the soul. The nerve fluid, the most attenuated and volatile fluid of the body, breaks into flares at the ends of the nerves, giving rise to various kinds of psychical and mental action, forming character of soul. The mind uses the nerve flares to express its ideas. The primal Spirit elements continually seek expression. Man ever cries out for a higher, fuller way of life and will continue to do so until his full redemption into spirituality is accomplished.

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