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Metaphysical meaning of Aner (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Aner (mbd)
Aner, a'-ner (Heb.)--a boy; adolescent youth; a young sprout; shaken off; an exile.

a An Amorite, or Canaanite, "confederate with Abram" (Gen. 14:13). He helped Abram to overcome the heathen kings who had taken Lot and his household prisoners and had carried away their goods. b A Levitical city in the allotment of Manasseh (I Chron. 6:70).

Meta. A refreshing, renewing thought --new life springing into consciousness (a boy, youth, a young sprout; the Canaanites are the elemental life forces in the subconsciousness, and the Amorites are erroneous thoughts and desires that have their seat of action in the generative function). Under the old thought, sex desire in man and generation are always connected with the idea of renewal of life. Back of the belief in sex and generation are the life forces, which are a very necessary factor in man's constant renewal and upbuilding; and these life forces are friends to the higher concepts of the individual and to his faith in God (Abram). They yield substance and strength to the building up of the spiritual man, even while they are yet dominated to a certain extent by error ideas of sex--the Amorites--and they aid in putting away (shaken off) his seeming bondage to carnality. This situation is symbolized by Aner and his brothers (Amorites) in their kindly and helpful relations with Abram, especially in helping Abram to free Lot.

Aner, the Levitical city in the allotment of Manasseh, represents a certain consciousness of youth and renewal of life that is based on understanding (Manasseh) and love (Levi) .

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