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Metaphysical meaning of Abram (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Abram (mbd)
Abram, a'-bram (Heb.)--father of height; father of exaltation; exalted father.

Known as Abram, before God changed his name to Abraham (Gen. 11:26; 12:1; 17:5)

Meta. Abram is the name that the author of Genesis gave to the quality through which man has faith in the forces invisible. When this faith is concentrated upon the one God, a God consciousness is established and man intuitively knows that he is in communication with the ever living source of all existence. It was in this way that Jehovah communicated with Abram (Gen. 12:1).

When high ideals begin to possess the mind (when the Lord, or inner spiritual impulse, begins pressing forth to religious activity), Abram, the lofty one, is father. Faith in the unseen God and in divine guidance becomes part of the consciousness without special effort when man is obedient to Spirit. It may seem blind faith to those who depend upon sense evidence, but it works out beautifully in the lives of those who are true to it. So we discern Abram as a historical type of faith because he acted in faith, following obediently his spiritual inspirations; consequently we conclude that he is a type of faith that may be studied profitably by all persons who aspire to the attainment of the higher life.

The Bible speaks repeatedly of Abraham's faith. He believed God, we are told, and his faith was counted to him for righteousness. He represents faith in its early establishment in the consciousness, and in his life we see portrayed the different movements of the faith faculty on the various planes of human action. In order to understand the lessons in Abram's life one must have a certain familiarity with each plane of consciousness.

A person does not have to change his residence in order to enter a new country. "The land that I will show thee" is a new concept of substance. When we deny our attachment to matter and material conditions, and affirm our unity with spiritual substance, we enter the new consciousness of real substance. Substance is not confined to matter; it is the idea that is the firm foundation of all that we conceive to be permanent.

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