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Metaphysical meaning of Amasa (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Amasa (mbd)
Amasa, am'-a-så (Heb.)--burden; burden-bearer; sparing the people.

A nephew of David's, and a cousin to Joab, the commander of David's army. Absalom made Amasa the head of his troops when he rebelled against his father, David. David afterward gave Amasa command of his army in place of Joab, but Amasa was slow in carrying out David's orders, and so Abishai and Joab had to take the lead. He was slain by Joab (II Sam. 17:25; 19:13; 20:912) .

Meta. A negativeness or uncertainty of the will (the executive power of the mind) that arises when one's love (David) is divided between the outer and the inner, when one is of a double mind and desires to please and to save the thoughts (people) of the physical-sense man and yet wishes to serve the true king --to be loyal to Truth. This places a heavy burden upon one, and such a state of mind must be destroyed by Joab (the positive power of the will) before one's love (David) may again become fully centered in Spirit.

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