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Metaphysical meaning of Ahinadab (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ahinadab (mbd)
Ahinadab, a-h;n'-a-dab (Heb.)--brother of liberality; liberal brother; (my) brother is noble.

One of the twelve men appointed by Solomon to gather provisions for the king and his household. He was to gather the supplies from the part of the land of Israel called Mahanaim. For one month in every twelve this portion of the country had to supply the royal household with food, and Ahinadab was commissioned to collect the food (I Kings 4: 14)

Meta. Mahanaim was the name that Jacob gave to the place where the angels of God met him when he was returning from Laban to become unified with Esau. Mahanaim means two hosts or companies. These refer to the angels of God (spiritual ideas) and to Jacob and his company, his wives, children, and possessions (the mentality of man). Esau, to whom Jacob was going, represents the body. By the mind we get into conscious touch with Spirit so that we may receive and appropriate its substance and life ideas (spiritual food), which become the very life and substance of the whole organism. Thus we are truly fed. Through the medium of the mind, also, we make conscious union with our body.

Ahinadab represents a phase of thought that helps to make the union between the spiritual and the seemingly material, in order that the ruling peace and wisdom, with the immediate thoughts pertaining to them (Solomon and his household), may be sustained. Ahinadab stands for a high, liberal spirit, tendency, or characteristic (brother of liberality, my brother is noble) in the religious and spiritual thoughts of men (Israelites), which makes them willing to give of their substance for the sustaining of peace and poise (Solomon and his household) n consciousness.

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