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Metaphysical meaning of Mahath (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Mahath (mbd)
Mahath, ma'-hath (Heb.)--taking; grasping; fire pan; censer; breaking in pieces; extinguishing; dissolution; destruction; ruin; consternation; terror; wiping out; erasing. Two Kohathite Levites (I Chron. 6:35; II Chron. 29:12). The Mahath of I Chronicles 6:35 is thought to be the same as Ahimoth of the 25th verse.

Meta. Like Ahimoth, breaking up and disorganizing seeming error in consciousness (breaking in pieces, destruction, dissolution); also mentally laying hold of higher ideals (taking, grasping). Fire pan, censer, definitions of Mahath, suggest transmutation too.

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