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Metaphysical meaning of Abimael (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Abimael (mbd)
Abimael, a-bim'-å-el (Heb.)--a father from God- (my) father from God; father of Mael or father of abundance.

Son of Joktan, a descendant of Shem, one of Noah's sons, and supposed to have been the founder of an Arabian tribe (Gen. 10:28).

Meta. A thought of man as being descended from God; also a thought of abundance as coming from God (a father from God, father of abundance). The thought that the name Abimael signifies, however, at this stage of man's unfoldment, is not established in consciousness with enough positiveness to produce spiritual results. Arabia means barren, sterile, wild; and in consciousness Arabians represent unproductive thoughts.

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