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Metaphysical meaning of Abimelech (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Abimelech (mbd)
Abimelech, a-bim'-e-lech (Heb.)--father of the king; Melek (the king) is father; a royal father.

a Kings of Gerar in the time of Abraham and Isaac (Gen. 20: 2-18; 26: 1). Abimelech was the name of a line of Philistine kings. b A son of Gideon, or Jerubbaal, by his concubine in Shechem (Judg. 8:31; 9:1). This Abimelech slew all his brothers, except one who escaped, and made himself ruler after his father's death. c A priest in the time of David (I Chron. 18:16).

Meta. The will. Most of the Bible characters of this name stand for some phase of the unregenerate will, but Abimelech of I Chronicles 18:16, a priest of Israel in David's time, is an exception. In his case spiritual rulership is suggested, or at least a higher form of intellectual rulership than that of the unregenerate will. This Abimelech stands for the intellectual thought or tendency that accepts and acknowledges God as the supreme ruler in man's consciousness.

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