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Metaphysical meaning of Arabia (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Arabia (mbd)
Arabia, a-ra'-bl-a (Heb.)--darkened; toward the west; a stranger- uncultivated; unproductive; barren, sterile; wild .

A very large tract of country comprising the southwestern part of Asia (Isa. 21:13; Gal. 4:25). It is the home of many wandering tribes, and in Bible times was in close touch with the Hebrews through commerce; through Ishmael the Arabians were related to the Hebrews.

Meta. An outer, or Gentile, state of consciousness that in its wild, ignorant undisciplined, and unsettled nature is destructive in its tendency and is unproductive of good (darkened, toward the west, uncultivated, barren, wild). It must, however, be redeemed.

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