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Metaphysical meaning of Joktan (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Joktan (mbd)
Joktan, jok'-tan (Heb.)--extreme attenuation; that which is diminished- that which is made small; lessened; slight; thin; little; of little concern; a manifest lessening, i. e., of evil.

Son of Eber, a descendant of Shem, one of Noah's three sons (Gen. 10:25). Several Arabian tribes are supposed to be descended from Joktan.

Meta. Peleg (division), the eldest son of Eber, in whose days the earth was divided, signifies a separation in man's consciousness between his apparently material thoughts and tendencies and his inner spiritual ideals. By one's recognition of the higher, or spiritual, it expands, grows, develops (the Hebrews, or Israelites, were descended from Peleg), and seeming evil becomes very small in comparison. Evil diminishes and will finally disappear, since the individual no longer gives it power by beholding it or by believing in it.

Joktan (extreme attenuation, that which is made small, lessened, of little concern, a manifest lessening, i. e., of evil), the youngest son of Eber, and brother of Peleg, signifies the lessening of error, to the vanishing point, in the consciousness and the life of the unfolding individual.

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