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Metaphysical meaning of Abanah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Abanah (mbd)
Abanah (A. V., Abana), ab'-a-nah (Heb.)--permanent; enduring; perennial; a rock, a stone; stony.

A river in Syria (II Kings 5:12). This river flows through Damascus, which is one of the oldest known cities of the world.

Meta. The name symbolizes something constantly renewing, therefore permanent and enduring. From its setting, however, the river Abanah signifies intellectual thoughts and reasonings about life. A river represents a current of thought. The thoughts of the intellectual domain (Syria) apart from the real life current in the organism (the Jordan symbolizes this current in the instance of the healing of Naaman the Syrian, who thought that he could just as well wash in the rivers Abanah and Pharpar of Syria as in the Jordan) and apart from the loving, spiritual power of the I AM (Elisha) have no healing potency. Intellectual thoughts become permanent only when the intellect is quickened by Spirit and becomes transmuted into spiritual consciousness.

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