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Myrtle Fillmore's Healing Letters (July 2013)

Lesson Welcome and Introduction

This collection of Myrtle’s letters, a small fraction of the total collection in the archives, was organized and selected in  appreciation of her inspiration and wisdom written to those who requested prayer and counsel from Silent Unity.   Each letter is a gem in itself and these letters are organized in chapters.  In this class each student will be asked to focus on one aspect of their lives which needs healing and draw upon Myrtle’s wisdom as expressed in the book.  For those who request it,  spiritual tools are available, such as covenants to maintain a regular spiritual practice of silence and scriptural study and prayers that Myrtle used.  Each student is asked for his or her own benefit to write a reflection paper on the process and the results of this project.  

Lesson Archive

Video of the lessons will be posted here as they become available