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Ezekiel (May-June 2015)

Lesson 1 given on May 28, 2015:
Lesson 2 given on June 4, 2015:
Lesson 3 given on June 11, 2015:

Three Thursday nights 7:00-8:30: May 28, 2015; June 4, 2015 and June 11, 2015, Click here to watch the broadcast when it is live.. Click to the right to watch the broadcasts afterwards.

The name Ezekiel means God strengthens and refers to that in us which relies on Spirit and demonstrates it. God strengthens those who seek and find his presence in the inner chamber the heart. (MBD) Ezekiel has points of similarity with other prophets we have studied, especially Jeremiah, but has a few striking differences, including personal responsibility for one’s thoughts and actions. The greater work to be done is within us. He is the prophet of the “dry bones” and believes that every cell and organ must be taught that God is life; that message then must be carried to others by example. There are many unforgettable images and metaphors to bring home its relevance to our spiritual unfoldment.

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