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Twelve Oils, Twelve Powers (Oct 5-9, 2015)

Day 1 given on October 15, 2015:
Day 2 given on October 6, 2015:
Day 3 given on October 7, 2015:
Day 4 given on October 8, 2015:
Day 5 given on October 9, 2015:

Monday-Friday, October 5-9, 1-3pm Central Click here to watch the broadcast.

One of the creator’s great gifts to humanity is the oils of plants and trees, known as essential oils. In The Healing Oils of the Bible, Dr. David Stewart writes that the purpose of his book is to educate and inspire you to realize the infinite care and detail to which our creator has gone provide for us the medicines we need to heal and maintain our health.

In this class there will be a study of the 12 powers based on Charles Fillmore’s book The Twelve Powers of Man, Bible reading to illustrate each power and an introduction to the science of essential oils, their use in biblical and modern times. I discovered in my personal research a correlation between the 12 oils of ancient scripture and the 12 mental faculties, known as the 12 powers. Hence, the origin of this unique course.

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