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From Jesus To The Christ (July-August 2015)

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Lesson 1 given on July 30, 2015:
Lesson 2 given on August 6, 2015:
Lesson 3 given on August 13, 2015:
Lesson 4 given on August 20, 2015:
Lesson 5 given on August 27, 2015:
Lesson 6 given on September 3, 2015:
Lesson 7 given on September 10, 2015:

7 Thursdays July 30-Sept 10 7:00-8:30 From Jesus to the Christ

The Christ is not a person; the Christ is not Jesus’ last name. It is a title that has been given to Jesus because he realized and actualized the image/likeness within himself, and said that we could do the same by following his example. In the gospel of John, there are 7 signs accompanied by 7 I AM statements that illustrate the unfoldment of the Christ. We will study each of these “signs” and their application to our lives. Handouts will be available before the first class on my website

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