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TruthUnity Lessons and Broadcast Schedule

Churches don't produce disciples. Rather it is disciples who produce churches. Don't take it from me, it's an idea that was started by Jesus, developed by St Paul and perfected by Charles Fillmore.

A disciple is not a seeker. A disciple is a finder. A disciple is one who has found his or her pathway and makes a practice of it. If your church is growing in attendance but dropping in donations then you have more seekers than finders. You need to increase your conversion rate.

The resources on TruthUnity are now good enough to attract hundreds of seekers each day. But they're not good enough to transform seekers into finders. Doing that most often requires a teacher.

That is why TruthUnity is beginning to offer live, online lessons in Truth principles. TruthUnity is a discipleship program. It's mission is to produce disciples that will grow your church.

Our current teachers are shown at the right and the broadcast schedule is here on this page. You are welcome to listen in and to then contact the teachers. They want to hear from you and to help you on your spiritual journey.