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Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

(From chapter 10 of Jesus Christ Heals 155)

QUITE A FEW Truth students ask why we emphasize Jesus Christ so strongly in our writings and statements of Truth. Spiritual psychology proves that the name of a great character carries his mind potency and that wherever his name is repeated silently or audibly his attributes become manifest. Jesus knew this and commanded His disciples to go forth in His name. The marvelous works they did prove that they exercised power far beyond anything warranted by their education or previous ability, power springing directly from Spirit.

Every thinker who studies the life and teachings of Jesus readily admits that He attained an understanding of spiritual things far beyond that of any other man who ever lived. His mind touched heights far beyond those of other advanced searchers for Truth. As we unfold spiritually, we see more and more that Jesus understood the finer shades of metaphysical reasoning and related His mind and body to both ideas and their manifestation.

Jesus demonstrated that He understood the healing power stored up in the body, which He said is released through faith. "Thy faith hath made thee whole" (Matt. 9:22, Mark 5:34, Luke 17:19). Jesus identified Himself and His name with the sacred name of the Hebrew dispensation, Jehovah, and added another link to that long chain of names and events which brought forth the perfect man, ideated by God-Mind, Jesus Christ.

As a directive head is essential in an army, militant or spiritual, so in every forward movement of the human family there must be a leader. The leader is chosen because of his ability as a demonstrator of the principles adopted by the group he represents. The religious principles taught and demonstrated by Jesus were not originated by Him, nor

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did He claim them as a "discovery." He said that Moses wrote of Him and He often quoted Moses, but with an interpretation quite different from that of the popular religious leaders. He told them that they studied the Scriptures, expecting through them to attain eternal life when the only way to attain that life was through Him, and they would not come to Him. Right here, Jesus emphasized the spiritual man, the I AM in man, as the only way by which man can enter the kingdom of God.

Jesus was undoubtedly the greatest of all exponents of the impersonal I AM, which is revealed to man when he opens up the supermind within his own soul. Jesus Christ's real name is Jehovah, I AM. The personal man Jesus is merely the veil or mask worn by the spiritual man Christ or Jehovah. We are all, in our personality, wearing the mask that conceals the real, the spiritual, I AM. Jesus shattered that mask and revealed the spiritual man. He also taught the way by which we may all do what He did and, thus, fulfill the destiny implanted in us by the parent Mind.

There are many distractions to keep us from finding the one door into the inner kingdom and many voices calling to us that they will show us the easy way, but Jesus Christ is the only one that appeals to those who are grounded in principle.

Any declaration man may make, in which the name Jesus Christ is used reverently, will contact the spiritual ether in which the Christ I AM lives and will open the soul and body to the inflow of spiritual healing rays. These healing rays are very much superior to the ultraviolet rays that come from the sun or our best medical appliances, because they minister to the mind as well as the body.

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