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Appendix 5: Unity Organizations

Active Unity Organizations

Unity Society of Practical Christianity

  • Founded 1903
  • Continues as Unity Temple on the Plaza -- a Unity Congregation and Member of the Association of Unity Churches

Unity School of Christianity

  • Incorporated 1914
  • Spirit Path: Unity Retreats, Spiritual Education and Enrichment, Unity Retreat Center, including all on-grounds accommodations and the Unity Inn
  • Silent Unity: Message of Hope
  • Unity Institute: Ministerial and Religious Studies, Unity Library
  • Unity House Publishing
  • Administrative Departments
Unity Village
  • A municipality, incorporated in 1953 in the State of Missouri
  • Does have a number of permanent residents
  • Regularly elects a mayor and council
  • Continues to have its own ZIP code, but no longer has a post office
Association of Unity Churches International (Unity Worldwide Ministries)
  • Founded 1966
  • Now includes more than 1000 ministries worldwide
  • Recently expanded its scope to include all Unity ministries in every country
  • Licenses ministers and teachers, ordains ministers, certifies congregations for membership
UMAC: The Unity Movement Advisory Council
  • Formed in 1987 to promote better understanding between Unity School and the Association
  • Sponsors joint projects like "The Quest"
The Unity Village Chapel

Past Unity Organizations

  • Unity Minister's Association
  • Unity Annual Conference

Other Organizations that do/did use the name Unity

Organizations with roots in Unity