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Appendix 3: Silent Unity

Source: Unity Institute Syllabus

Silent Unity

  • Unity‚Äôs prayer ministry began as The Society of Silent Help in 1890.
  • Local societies were formed around the United States.
  • Societies met for a nightly prayer time, first at 10:00 P.M., then at 9:00 P.M. because so many members were farmers who needed to rise early.
  • Silent Unity prayer ministries have been organized in a number of countries throughout the world.
  • Myrtle Fillmore -- director until 1916
  • May Rowland -- director from 1916 to 1971
  • James Dillet Freeman -- director from 1971-1983
  • John Strickland -- director from 1983 to 1991
  • Mary Alice and Richard Jafolla co-directors of prayer activities from 1991-1997
  • Lynn Brown -- director of Silent Unity from 1997 to present
  • Today Silent Unity answers prayer requests by mail, telephone, TDD, and e-mail
  • Plans to receive prayer requests by text message are being discussed