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Appendix 2: Unity Publications

Source: Unity Institute SEE Syllabus

Modern Thought -- 1889

  • Becomes "Christian Science Thought"
  • Becomes "Thought"
  • Merges with "Unity"
  • Ceases Publication and Is Later Reborn: Larger format, Bi-Monthly, Features a mix of reprints and new material, Much smaller staff

Wee Wisdom --1893-1991

  • Founded by Myrtle Fillmore
  • She remained interested in Wee Wisdom throughout her life
  • Went through evolutions, seeking its audience
  • Royal Fillmore very involved with Wee Wisdom
  • Discontinued in 1991, amid controversy. Controversy came from Grandparents and Parents much more than children

Weekly Unity -- 1909-1972

  • Lowell Fillmore was the driving energy behind Weekly Unity
  • "Things To Be Remembered"
  • Weekly Unity gained great popularity
  • Discontinued because of postal problems and because material was largely duplicated in Unity magazine

Daily Word --1924

  • Conceived by Frank B. Whitney
  • Originally called "Unity Daily Word"
  • Silent Unity’s official magazine was first published in July, 1924 as Unity Daily Word. In 1939, the year of Unity’s Golden Anniversary, the name of the magazine was changed to Daily Word.
  • Format largely unchanged, although there are noticeable changes in editorial content over the years
  • Today Published in at least 8 languages, Braille, and cassette editions
  • About 750,000 subscribers at latest count.

Other Magazines

  • Christian Businessman
  • Youth -- Later called Progress

Premium Booklets -- 1966

  • Conceived by Charles Lelly
  • A Direct-Mail Fundraising Idea
  • Extremely well received
  • Include Lent and Advent Study -- up to 12 promotions each year