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The Household of Faith

The Story of Unity
James Dillet Freeman


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The Household of Faith

By James Dillet Freeman

This is the story of Unity School of Christianity and its founders, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore.

It is a human story, the story of how two human beings met many human trials; but it is also a spiritual story, for it tells how gloriously they came through these trials to achieve a wonderful life not only for themselves but for many others.

It is the story of how a man who was born in a log cabin and a woman who was an invalid developed the spiritual strength to found a religious movement that has benefited millions. It is the story of Unity, its founding, its growth, and its scope today.

Of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, the author writes: "They were never bound by limited conceptions about life but were always striking out into the new. They were people with the courage to step out on ' faith."

When their son Lowell Fillmore finished reading this book, he told a friend: "It was like having a visit with Father and Mother." When Rosemary Grace, their granddaughter, read it, she said: "I have never really known my family before!"

Sit down with this book and you will want to read it all the way through; and when you have read it, you will rise with renewed faith and courage and with a new conviction of the power of God that is in you to carry you through to success and happiness!

About the Author . . .

Best Loved Unity Poems

James Dillet Freeman, the author of The Household of Faith, grew up "under the wing" of Unity both literally and figuratively.

A neighborhood boy, young Jim at the age of eleven attended the Unity Sunday School. It was here that Myrtle Fillmore became acquainted with his pronounced talent for writing poetry. So impressed was she, that she invited him many times to read his poems before the congregation at the Wednesday evening healing services. Later on, when Jim was sixteen, and while he was still in school, he began spending his summer vacations working for Unity.

A graduate of the University of Missouri, where he obtained his A.B. degree, Jim was president of the Student Government Association and captain of the debating team. After a year's postgraduate work at the university, he returned to Unity, where he has been ever since.

Many Unity students are acquainted with James Freeman's poems and articles, which appear in Daily Word magazine. Several of his poems also appear in the book Best Loved Unity Poems .

When it was decided to bring out a book about the life of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore and the story of Unity, it seemed particularly appropriate that James Freeman was chosen to write it. The research and writing required two full years, but it was, undeniably, a labor of love.


TO THE dear friend whose name is stamped upon the cover of this book: Greetings and blessings!

I am happy that you are among the loving friends who will receive the Premier Edition of "The Household of Faith." I am desirous that the message in this book shall prove to be an inspiration to you. May it help you increase your faith in the power of God to prosper you and to bring the kingdom of heaven into your life. My reading of this book has been an inspiration to me and it has stepped up my faith in God and given me a greater determination to accept God's power and wisdom in all my affairs.

I grew up in the midst of the story that is unfolded in these pages, and many of the incidents recited here are very close to me. I was quite a small child when my father and mother, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, received the inspiration that guided their lives and the lives of millions of others into a better realization of God's health, happiness, and prosperity.

I thank you, dear friend, for your co-operation and prayers, which I feel you are offering for Unity. May you abide always in the consciousness of God's heart-warming love and may your life be filled with His good.

Faithfully yours,

Lowell Fillmore