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Unity's Golden Era (1910-1939)

Growth and Expansion to Becoming a Worldwide Influence

Activities for this class are:

  1. Watch the Silent Video of Unity in 1926
  2. Read chapters 7, 9, 11, 13 and 15 of The Story of Unity to learn about how Unity entered into it's Golden Era.
  3. Read profile of Joyce Kramer and women-led viral ministries

Rapid growth and Golden Era (1910 to 1939)

  1. Leadership: Fillmore family (Charles & Myrtle -> Lowell & Rickert)
  2. Infrastructure: Tracy complex, Unity farm
  3. Delivery of religious benefits: silent unity, publishing, training, Unity field lecturers, Unity Centers
  4. Ministers: Fillmore trained teachers -> Fillmore ordained ministers
  5. Message: Metaphysical Christian (simple)
  6. Relationship with church & society: sect (moderate tension)