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Strength In Numbers


Whenever a man converts his thoughts into external actions, he is immediately involved with numbers, whether his numbers are concerned with horsepower, decibels, stock units, pounds, inches, or cash-flow. One can only transform the hidden energy of the mind into material forms through some involvement with numbers. We must concur with Pythagoras who said, "When God creates, God geometrizes."

In the Bible we find God urging one man to count the people accurately and completely, and punishing another man for doing exactly the same thing. The difference was not in the act, but in the understanding of the act: The man who was commanded to number the people understood that his resources were not limited to those he could count. The man who was condemned was condemned by his own lack of vision, for he counted in the belief that his resources could be accurately ascertained by that which was subject to statistical computation. In considering the number symbolism in the Golden Pyramid, we should not by any means assume that the figures which can be tabulated indicate the nature or extent of the spiritual resources available to those who worship and study within this Temple. Rather it is an indication of that which is manifesting, and a hint as to that which is yet to be manifest.

The basic form of the pyramid proper expresses the number 5 — four sides and a base. This is the number of the senses, the number of man, and the number of the mediator or bridge (since in the numeral series, 5 stands midway between the 1 and 9). In the Hebrew alphabet, the number five is signified by the letter heh, which as a noun means "window." As man realizes his potential, he serves as a window by which less evolved men can see the Christ; he also serves as a channel or transparency through which the Christ can shed its light upon the earth. Thus man stands at a mid-point where he exercises dominion over lower creation, yet surrenders himself to the dominion of his Creator.

Using the Fadic system, the name of the chairman of our building Committee, Virgil Eiland Cammack, reduces to the number 5. Without the "bridge" of his persistence and attention, it would have difficult to transfer the mental plane to the physical been exceedingly vision from the expression.

The four-square formation of the walls of equal size represents the qualities of equity and justice, as portrayed in the heavenly city (heavenly consciousness) described in such exquisite detail in the Book of Revelation. These four walls also represent the of Jesus' disciples, Peter, and Andrew (who in turn Christ-qualities of faith, and strength). In Hebrew numeration, four is represented by the letter daleth, which as a noun means "door". So the Pyramid represents that in us which opens the door to the light of equity, justice, and order. The English homonym "for" further indicates "support" and "alliance." The Pyramid stands as an emblem of the truth that the heavenly powers are for us, not against us.

The number 4 relates to the four elements: fire, air, earth, and water. All material things are made from these elements, and man's own body partakes of these four elements. The significant thing to us, however, is that these four elements indicate the fundamental factors of consciousness itself: principle (air), energy (fire), emotion (water), and practicality (earth). These correspond in modern psychological terms to the Jungian analysis of the four functions of consciousness: sensation, intuition, emotion, and intellect.

Four also corresponds to the four fundamental life-needs of man. Our prayer ministry works specifically with four kinds of seeming lack or limitation: harmony (love), illumination (guidance), healing, and prosperity. These four are met at a more esoteric level in the form of the great archangels, Raphael, Gabriel, Michael, and Uriel. Uriel ministers to the need for illumination. Michael, angel of the heart, ministers to the need for love. Raphael ministers to the need for healing. And Gabriel, who announces increase and good fortune, ministers to the need for prosperity and supply. These four are also expressed in the four Gospels of the New Testament which are traditionally depicted as portraying Jesus Christ under the semblance of the four fixed signs of the zodiac: Matthew (ox, burden-bearer); Mark (man, active agent); Luke (lion, heartfelt compassion); and John (eagle, the mysterious bird whose flight soars beyond our sight).

The number 3 is also prominent in the structure of the Pyramid, since the triangle is apparent from whatever side or angle one views it. The triangle is the classic symbol of the Trinity. We teach the co-ordination of the four trinities: the trinity of God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit); the trinity of man (spirit, soul, and body); the trinity of creation (life, intelligence, and substance); and the trinity of manifestation (mind, idea, and expression). These supernal trinities are complemented and further expressed in the trinities of art and nature — music (rhythm, harmony, and melody); construction (length, width, height); wave phenomena (duration, frequency, and intensity); procreation (father, mother, child); logic (major premise, minor premise, conclusion); history (thesis, antithesis, synthesis). As 4 denotes settled stability, so 3 (and its figure, the triangle) denotes dynamic tension and action; i.e., creation!

The number 12 appears when the four walls are multiplied by the three sides of each one. Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity, taught that the twelve disciples of Jesus correspond to the twelve specific powers or faculties of spiritual man, and that these powers become effective within us when they are unified and joined to the central One, as the twelve points of the pyramid converge at the apex. Thus the pyramid stands as an emblem of the unification of the latent powers within man which enable him to rise above the limitations of mortal humanity into his illimitable and unconfined selfhood. It is a definite part of our teaching and training to enable modern men and women to undertake the practices which will enable this convergence to take place within the structure and essence of their own souls.

The number 12 also coincides with the signs of the zodiac, the annual journey of the Sun (Son). Each of these corresponds to one of the twelve faculties or disciples of the indwelling Christ. In planning the liturgical colors to be used in the Golden Pyramid, we are passing beyond the pentatonic color scale used in traditional churches, and will employ the twelve-tone color scale which will operate on the subliminal mind to arouse the corresponding divine faculty.

Illustration on the artificial number pi from John Rankin Behind the Golden Pyramid</a>.

Another number involved in the proportions of the pyramid is the artificial number, phi. Like its brother pi, with which we are all familiar, it expresses a universal ratio. In this case, however, it is the ratio produced when the line A to C (see diagram below) is divided by the length of the line A to B, producing the number 1.618. For some, it may be clearer to say that 3 is to 5 as 5 is to 8; or conversely, 8 is to 5 as 5 is to 3.

One-half of this base of the pyramid when divided into the distance from the center of the base to the apex, yields this mystical figure. Those who wish to explore the natural and mathematical intricacies of this number are referred to Dr. Pat Flanagan's Pyramid Power, and Peter Tompkin's Secrets of the Pyramids. It is mentioned here because of a more inward significance. The number 8 refers to Infinity; the number 5 is the number of man; the number 3 is the number of manifestation or nature. The mystical phi is a way of saying that man is to nature what God is to man; or conversely, that nature is to man as man is to God. This is stated in the Bible: "God said unto them, be truthful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion ... over every living thing that moveth upon the earth" (Gen 1:28). The Golden Pyramid has been constructed as a place where one can learn to fulfil this number meaning, which is called the Golden Section. It is necessary both to learn how to yield to the dominion of Infinite Mind, and to take control of the external circumstances of one's life through the application of one's own portion of Infinite Intelligence.

Both the Great Pyramid and the Golden Pyramid are constructed within minutes of 30° Latitude North. In astrology, 30° of one sign is also 0° of the next sign. It is a unique point of unity, symbolizing equal and simultaneous participation in two "worlds." This was the achievement of Jesus, who was conscious in two worlds, the divine and the human. And it is the potential achievement of us all, through practice of the Master's teachings.

In Albert Pike's classic reference, Morals and Dogma of Freemasonry, you will find that Masonry is entitled Knight Qadosh. The Hebrew word Qadosh means "set apart," or "Holy Place." This is one of the most mysterious and mystical of all Masonic degrees, and to those of us outside the fraternity, information is scant indeed. However, this much may be told from published information. This degree is related to the work of the notable (or notorious) Knights Templar. In the Middle Ages, the Knights Templar were organized as an arm of the church, to guard the holy places of the Christian faith, particularly in and around Jerusalem. This degree is also re1ated to the "secret church," which is supposed to have been established by the Master to exist along parallel lines with the exoteric Christian Church. This secret church was to be the custodian and guardian of the mystical teachings of the Christ, particularly as explained and delineated by the beloved disciple, John. If you no longer believe that coincidence is mere chance, you may feel that there is more than meets the eye in the correlation between the 30° Latitude North and the 30°of esoteric Masonry; and that both are somehow related to the Great Pyramid, with its mysticism and initiatory rites; and to the Golden Pyramid, with its teaching of the mystical interpretation of the Bible.

There is strength in numbers , and while this Temple stands as witness to that strength, it also bears witness to the strength which extends beyond the limit of numbers. The inestimable grace, love, wisdom, and power bestowed upon all who build the Golden Temple Within opens the way for a New Age, the value of which can never be statistically analyzed.