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Behind the Golden Pyramid

Dr. John D. Rankin - Behind the Golden Pyramid

John Rankin - Behind the Golden Pyramic book cover

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This book has a Dan Brown quality to it: what is going on isn't obvious to the senses; there are spiritual forces at work. Spiritual forces are what lay "Behind the Golden Pyramid" at the Unity church in Houston, Texas. They are Divine Ideas, forces that flow from the Spirit-inspired soul of Dr. John Rankin, who was the minister there when "the pyramid" was conceived and built.

This is the story of what thousands of people who walk into the Golden Pyramid subconsciously experience each year: fire, perspective, life, wisdom, energy. It is the story of how space impacts our consciousness. It is a story about how God is active in our life.

In many respects this book is prophetic autobiography. It may be that conceiving and constructing the Golden Pyramid is John Rankin's greatest work. What we get in Behind the Golden Pyramid is a raw revelation of esoteric visions that outpictured Unity's most unique church building.

These are unguarded writings. I suspect they irritated some people, as did the visions of Ezekiel and St. John. May the irritation continue and may it produce a beautiful pearl of great price.

Blessings to you all,

- Mark


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