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Dr. John D. Rankin - Behind the Golden Pyramid

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This book has a Dan Brown quality to it: what is going on isn't obvious to the senses; there are spiritual forces at work. Spiritual forces are what lay "Behind the Golden Pyramid" at the Unity church in Houston, Texas. They are Divine Ideas, forces that flow from the Spirit-inspired soul of Dr. John Rankin, who was the minister there when "the pyramid" was conceived and built.

This is the story of what thousands of people who walk into the Golden Pyramid subconsciously experience each year: fire, perspective, life, wisdom, energy. It is the story of how space impacts our consciousness. It is a story about how God is active in our life.

In many respects this book is prophetic autobiography. It may be that conceiving and constructing the Golden Pyramid is John Rankin's greatest work. What we get in Behind the Golden Pyramid is a raw revelation of esoteric visions that outpictured Unity's most unique church building.

These are unguarded writings. I suspect they irritated some people, as did the visions of Ezekiel and St. John. May the irritation continue and may it produce a beautiful pearl of great price.

Blessings to you all,

- Mark


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Submitted by John Poppino on

This reads like a book from the A.R.E. catalogs. Perhaps this is Unity, too. TruthUnity features classic Unity, and here is Rev. Rankin. Esotericism, I think. Not archeology or science. Not astronomy, either, but astrology blended into the dough. And temples, altars, and what not. Ya know, forgive me for preachin' to the choir, but God is already within, without pyramid theology. Or cathedrals. Jesus said so. Now where is my Bible. It's here somewhere. Better keep it near at hand, friend.

Submitted by Mark Hicks on

I understand your concern, your point is well taken. I've hesitated in posting this for the very concerns you've brought up.

The esoteric side of Unity that is represented in this book is a facet of Unity, that has always been there, but it's not the core of Unity. Emma Curtis Hopkins dabbled in it, as did Charles Fillmore. The basic difference between what is presented here and the wide-range New Age potpourri is that John Rankin is here extending the core of Unity into it's esoteric side, rather than taking the esoteric side of some non-Unity teaching and trying to meld it with Unity.

The distinction is subtle and I agree it can be misconstrued. And I further agree that it won't resonate at all for many people. Others hunger for it. I'm posting it for those who do.

Another way of saying it is that all teachings have an esoteric side. All teachings have a practical side as well. The question is what these facets point to. In this book, John Rankin keeps hammering away that the material points to the Christ nature within. I believe this grounds his teaching in Unity's core beliefs. John is simply expressing that core belief in esoteric language.

Thanks for your comment. I invite others to chime in, pro or con.

Submitted by Ed Salisbury on

Mark, and all:

Thanks for reawakening memories of the Unity Pyramid in Houston. John Rankin was an inspiration to many of us at the time of building the Pyramid. in Houston.

In the early 70's My wife (at the time) and i were the Y O U leaders there. One day, a lanky teenage boy in our group came running in to our class and explained that we could all climb the scaffolding inside the pyramid and hear a "really cool sound".

About a dozen of us did climb to the 'Kings Chamber' level and sat in wondrous silence in a circle.

The experience was a phenomenal combination of sounds, light and mystical ecstasy that remains a powerful and deLIGHTful memory with me to this day.

I would love to reconnect with Rev. John and request you forward this to him if you have his contact info.

Namaste' Y'all! Bro. Ed Salisbury, D. Div.

Submitted by Joanna Rankin on

I am intrigued with the views written here and to see the book/my dad still being discussed as late as last year.
To anyone who is interested, my dad is alive and well and living in a town just outside of Tyler with me. My sister, Laura, lives next door.
Daddy lost his wife, Doris, in 2010, his son, my brother, Stephen in 2012. Daddy had a stroke in January 2013 which left him weakened on his left side and in need of in home care. Up until the stroke, he lived alone and was learning to play the mandolin and guitar.
He is a peaceful man who thinks he hasn't made a difference in this world and no matter how much I tell him to the contrary, he doesn't believe it. He is simply an 81 year old man living out the rest of his life enjoying his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

Submitted by Susan p on

Dr John Rankin saved my life, in the late 1970's. My parents and I attended the Unity church in Houston. I was in my 20's, very troubled. He gave me a tape about surrounding myself in light, and affirming Gods presence. It worked! I've always been grateful to him. He was so helpful to me and my family.

Submitted by Ricky OmLight on

I've done some preliminary searching and expected to find more about this remarkable man...but it seems he hasn't left much of a footprint to follow online? Do you have any ideas...I suspect he left the planet not long after his work in Houston?

Submitted by Mark Hicks on
John Rankin is still living. You may contact Rev. Greg Neteler at Unity Church Universal in Kansas City for more info about his teachings and life. Greg is a friend of John Rankin and his family and has been mentored by John Rankin for many years.

Submitted by Michael King on

The first encounter with John Rankin I have had is here at TruthUnity. I am enjoying so much the Emma Curtis Hopkins material. Thank You.

Submitted by pj on

I currently attend Unity Houston.
The Pyramid is still a sacred part of our campus, even since the Unity CommUnity has constructed a larger sanctuary.
The new structure has elements of Rev Rankin's original pyramid concept.

Rev Rankin is often spoken of fondly here; many remember him.
I started attending in 1989, and he had already left the senior ministerial role by then.

I would have loved to meet him!
Even so, I feel like I know him because his contribution to who I am and what our Unity ministry is today is an outgrowth of seed(s) he planted and nurtured.
Glad to hear he's doing well!

~ pj

Submitted by Joanna Rankin on

I wanted to let the community know that my dad passed away early Sunday morning, September 27, 2015.