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The Energy of the Pyramid

For most readers of this book, it would be redundant to recount the details of Dr. Bovis's mummified cats, the razor-sharpening techniques of Dr. Drbal, or the vegetarianization of Dr. Flanagan's cat. Suffice it to say that there is a growing body of evidence, accumulated under scientifically controlled conditions, to indicate that the pyramid shape itself has the peculiar ability to alter behavorial patterns, even at the cell level. Those who wish to evaluate this evidence for themselves are referred to the works named in the preceding chapter.

It seems important, however, to deal with certain specific questions which have been posed regarding the use of such a large, strong energy field in a building which will be used by large numbers of people, often in a meditative (not to say passive) state of consciousness.

We have been asked, in view of Dr. Bovis's mummified cats, whether those attending services in the Golden Pyramid will be dehydrated. Dr. Flanagan's research indicates that dehydration in a pyramid is not accelerated, but takes place at the same rate as in materials outside and away from the pyramid area, though without the malodorous accompaniment of decay. So unless some prankish engineer flashes the words "Pepsi-Cola" on a subliminal screen, one's water consumption need not rise during or after occupying the pyramid.

We have also been asked about the availability of polarized energy in the principal seating area of the Golden Pyramid, inasmuch as the pyramid proper is set on a base at some height above the seating area. In other words, people will not be sitting inside the pyramid, but below it. By radionic measurement, it has been determined that every visible pyramid creates a corresponding force-field beneath it, in which the same type of polarization takes place. The visible pyramid has been labeled the aspiring pyramid. The invisible, inverted pyramid has been labeled the inspiring pyramid. Those who are sufficiently inspired will be readily able to invoke the force of aspiration, and contact mentally the King's Chamber area in the visible, drawing into their minds and bodies as much of its force as they may require and be able to use constructively. If we consider the King's Chamber area as having maximum potency of pyramid energy, and apply a rating scale in 10% gradations, radionic measurement further indicates that those sitting in the congregational area will be the recipients of approximately 60% of the potency they would experience if seated in the King's Chamber area.

It must be remembered that the Great Pyramid was constructed for the use of adepts, initiates, and neophytes who were especially prepared to take part in the rites observed there. The Golden Pyramid, in contrast, is open to all who wish to enter. Therefore, it has been necessary to incorporate certain "flaws" so as to keep the average vibratory rate within the range of psychic and physical tolerance of the average person. Those who have risen above the "average" level of awareness will know how to, and be readily able to, draw upon higher energy forms with or without the aid of the mechanical means provided by the physical structure of the pyramid. The Golden Pyramid is aligned to true north rather than magnetic north. While the debate continues as to which orientation yields better results in the preservation of meat, there is little question but that orientation to the North Star and its link with further worlds, is far more appropriate to our metaphysical purpose than orientation to earth magnetism. If our primary purpose were physical rather than spiritual, the reverse would be true.

The Golden Pyramid has the capacity for enhancing one's reception of healing, illumination, and cosmic love, by virtue of its unique property of restoring energy patterns of body and brain to harmonious states.

Briefly, we can say this: All energy proceeds from the Mind of God. That which proceeds from the Mind of God proceeds with the evenness, equilibrium, and regularity characteristic of Deity. Originally, man received this energy in a similar fashion. However, he discovered that he could alter these regularized patterns and form pictures of his own — first in his mind, then in his manifest world. These man-made patterns distorted the original pattern, and each distortion created a snag or hook. When a sufficient number of snags or hooks accumulates, the natural inflowing of perfecting energy is deflected. As a result, the worse one's condition, the more difficult it is to receive the help which would correct the condition.

Originally, man always received the balanced quantity and quality of energy inflow needed to maintain a healthy body. He also could receive illumination on any question at will. He was also sufficiently in tune to demonstrate psychic presence or awareness wherever and however he chose. For thousands of years now, though, there has been such an accumulation of distorted energy patterns that the purity and potency of the still-emanating waves of Divine Energy cannot get through to establish conditions of mental, physical, and emotional harmony without considerable retraining of consciousness. Nothing will ever replace this retraining discipline. However, the physical structure of the pyramid provides a mechanical aid which enables the solar energy to be re-accumulated and redistributed in the immediate proximity of a person in its original, pure form.

Under ordinary circumstances, such energy must pass through the atmospheric zone of the earth, which is the depository of the accumulated collective human unconsciousness. Since this has now been so thoroughly impregnated with negative and undesirable patterns, it is enormously helpful to be able to experience the flow of the undeviated life current, especially in an attitude of God-oriented, God-inspired prayer and spiritual learning.

Let no one presume that in the Golden Pyramid he will not have to meet the same laws of consciousness which allow healing, illumination, and psychic presence to occur.

It is certain, however, that it will be easier for those who take advantage of this opportunity to comply with those laws of consciousness. May no superstition mount that would even suggest that the Golden Pyramid has superseded the Christ! But may it always stand to serve the mission of St. Andrew, to bring men and women within closer range of their own Christ-consciousness!

The added strength of the properly polarized energy current available within the pyramid simply makes it easier to set up a sympathetic vibration in the consciousness of the individual, so that his personal deviations will be drawn as by magnetic force into better alignment with the divine original, so that he can be restored to his original and divinely intended pattern.