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Glenn Clark: Fishers of Men (Home)

Glenn Clark
Glenn Clark

Hello, Friends,

All of us have people in our life who struggle – with physical or mental health, with finances or perhaps relationships. Some brought it on themselves, others are innocent. Some we know are harmless, others elicit suspicion.

Each person, however, tugs at a deep level in our consciousness for compassion, for them and for our world. And while we can walk away from a person, we can never freely walk away from the tug of compassion.

Should we not take some time to think out a framework for choosing when we will offer help and how we will do so? The 73-page book I am about to introduce does just that, from the perspective of a metaphysical Christian. It is so powerful that I designed a reprint and ordered a thousand copies. This post is to tell you a bit about it and to offer to send you a copy if you promise to read it.

This not a book about changing society; it is about setting free individuals in your life, one at a time. You may not think of helping an addicted co-worker or a lonely teenager as ministry, but Glenn Clark reminds that if ministry is anything, it is exactly that. He refers to it as a “service of emancipation” and declares that “the capacity of acting upon individuals is now almost a lost art.”

The decision to help or not help begins by perceiving if the person is “ripe” for their life change. If so, we engage; if not we encourage the ripening process with as much love as we can muster. Choosing to engage, we use a process well-known in Unity: We see the person whole, we love them deeply by gently bringing them to home to their source, and we get out of the way so that God to heal.

Glenn Clark is a wise man; and nearly every paragraph of this book has a phrase or sentence that provokes in me humility and courage, which he says are the two essential qualities we must have in order to help anyone. I believe he will do the same for you.

If you would like a copy of Glenn Clark's Fishers of Men, CLICK HERE. If you enter the same email address that I am using for this email, then it will help match things up in my records. Most important, please be very careful to give me an accurate US Postal Address. Just reply to this email if you have questions. It may be a few weeks before I get it out to you, but know that the book is on the way.

Mark Hicks
Sunday, June 12, 2022

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