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Eric Butterworth - Great Teachers

Eric Butterworth - Great Teachers

Have you ever wondered how Eric Butterworth knew so much and lived life so fully? In a series of talks given many years ago, he credits three "great teachers":

  • Meister Eckhart, who Butterworth credits as the one who "unlocked the key" for Butterworth's understanding of Oneness with God (clip 18)
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson, who Butterworth credits as the one who gave him the idea for Discover The Power Within You (clip 38)
  • Henry David Thoreau, who Butterworth says he reads each year to keep his life and ministry on course (clip 44).

I have a hunch that Eric Butterworth found in these three great teachers a symbolic or metaphysical understanding of the three great elements of metaphysics: Mind-Idea-Expression

  • Eckhart is given credit by Butterworth as the one who "unlocked the key" (clip 18) for him in understanding Monism, or our Oneness with God-Mind.
  • Emerson has been called by his biographer, Robert Richardson, The Mind on Fire, which is a mind fired with an open flow of divine Ideas
  • Thoreau has been known to be the one contemporary who was able to place into Expression the grand ideas of the Transcendentalist thought.

Regardless, it is obvious that Eric Butterworth reveals to us how he feels indebted to these three great thinkers.
The date on the cassettes are January 1982.