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Metaphysical meaning of Jesus Christ (rw)

Metaphysical meaning of Jesus Christ (rw)
Jesus Christ--Christ is the perfect idea of God for man. Jesus is the perfect expression of the divine idea Man. Jesus Christ is a union of the two, the idea and the expression, or in other words, He is the perfect man demonstrated.

Jesus' prayers were answered because He always dwelt in the consciousness of perfect harmony with the Father. When we ask in His name, it is with an earnest desire for that consciousness which Jesus possessed. The Christ within each of us is ever seeking perfect expression, and it should be our earnest effort to have our mind and heart clear and open channels in order that He may more perfectly work through us. When we ask in the name of Christ Jesus we ask in the consciousness that in reality we are perfect children of the Father. This harmonious relationship between God and man is attained by prayer and meditation and by constantly affirming God's presence and power. If we would have God manifest through us, we must endeavor to raise our thoughts and feelings to the standard of God.

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