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Metaphysical meaning of hell (rw)

Metaphysical meaning of hell (rw)
hell--Symbolized in the Bible as Gehenna, Ge Hinnom, the Valley of Hinnom--a place outside Jerusalem where the city's refuse was burned. It symbolizes that purifying fire which consumes the dross of man's character.

Metaphysically, hell represents a corrective state of mind. When error has reached its limit, the retroactive law asserts itself, and judgment, being part of that law, brings the penalty, called hell, upon the transgressor. This penalty is not punishment, but discipline. If the transgressor is repentant and obedient, he is forgiven. (see fire, hades)

hell of fire--The "hell of fire" spoken of in Scripture is the purifying fire or power of the Spirit. Its purpose is the cleansing and purification of man.

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