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H.B. Jeffery’s Spiritual Healing Lessons (1933 and 1934)

Priscilla Richards

Hi Friends,

A few years ago when I was rummaging at the Unity Archives, Priscilla Richards came in and handed me a 12 inch stack of her research papers. In case you don’t know Priscilla, she is one of several people who have devoted decades, literally, digging deep in Unity’s sacred archives for deeper Truths that might be found in the published writings of Unity.

What we have from Priscilla are transcripts of Spiritual Healing classes taught by H.B. Jeffery in 1933 and again in 1934. She found them in the papers of L.E. Meyer. Along with the class transcripts are L.E. Meyer’s thesis papers, which he presented to Jeffery in order to obtain credit for the course.

Both H.B. Jeffery and L.E. Meyer are very prominent in the development and dissemination of Unity teachings. Jeffery may be considered a peer of the Fillmores because, he, like the Fillmores, was a student of Emma Curtis Hopkins and he directly collaborated with her later years. L.E. Meyer became the minister of Unity Temple on the Plaza and his teachings on prayer and prosperity are highly regarded in Unity. Priscilla recently shared the following with me:

H.B. Jeffery continues to be an inspiration to me & his books, pamphlets, etc. continue to hold a special place in my own library where I can easily access them for current support, inspiration, & communion in my own prayer times & study. Both H.B. & Emma Curtis Hopkins have been touchstones for me in making a connection/transition between metaphysics & mysticism…& their spiritual healing teachings are invaluable & so worthy of being preserved & available to current Truth students.

But it may be that Priscilla’s recommendation is enough reason for us to download the PDF file and read them thoroughly. It certainly is enough for me. Last week I introduced Mark Yarnell, who also dug, and dug deep, in the Unity Archives for deeper Truths. Priscilla Richards, like Mark Yarnell, found priceless gems and they have always freely shared their findings with us.

Harold Goodman DO

Priscilla is one kind of researcher. Let me introduce you to another: medical professionals who quietly incorporate spiritual healing into and along side their practice. Harold Goodman DO was introduced to H. B. Jeffery’s teachings by students of Alden and Nell Truesdale. There is no doubt that Nell Truesdale, ordained by Unity in 1934, sat in the same class as did L.E. Meyer.

Harold Goodman has collected many Jeffery writings, some passed down by Jeffrey, through the Truesdales. He, like Emilie Cady and many in our metaphysical tradition, practice spiritual healing along with their practice of medicine. You can learn more about Harold and his research at his website, If you would like to meet him, we will be at the Unity Archives this June (2022) on the Monday morning of the week of UWMs convention. Let me know if you would like to swing by.

So we have two modern day researchers pointing to H.B. Jeffery as someone who deserves our attention. If you download the PDF files and can create an easy to read transcript then I will incorporate it here; that will make it accessible to Google and Google will then make it easy for others to find via Internet search.

Mark Hicks
Sunday, March 20, 2022

H.B. Jeffery’s Spiritual Healing Lessons (1933 and 1934)
along with
L.E. Meyer’s Lessons Thesis (1933 and 1934)


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Download Spiritual Healing Lessons by H.B. Jeffery (1933) in PDF format

Download Spiritual Healing Thesis by L.E. Meyer (1933) in PDF format

Download Spiritual Healing Lessons by H.B. Jeffery (1934) in PDF format

Download Spiritual Healing Thesis by L.E. Meyer (1934) in PDF format