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Three Treatments by H.B. Jeffery

H.B. Jeffery Three Treatments Cover

Three Treatments
H.B. Jeffery

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Three Treatments:


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2409 Canton Drive Fort Worth, Texas 76112 Copyright, 1939
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Prosperity Treatment

“My God shall supply all your need, according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”




In the Universal Essential, all good subsists in conscious readiness. This Fine Force is the skill of demostration in Itself; therefor, whoever looks directly toward It, instead of toward instruments and methods, must make a draught upon It for deftness and skill in bringing to pass good works of whatever kind he chooses.

It is conscious ownership of all things; and, therefore, whoever looks straight to It for his provisions must, if looking by the understanding of his mind and not by his physical endeavors, find that he draws upon It for plenty. He cannot help bringing his sustenance from It when he understands It as Sustenance.

      –H. B. JEFFERY


Prosperity Treatment

“He that hath a bountiful eye shall be blessed.”

He who beholds the bountifulness of God shall have what he sees, for there is no limitation in God. His bountifulness is inexhaustible and constant; His ways and means, innumerable.

God is all the Substance there is. The inexhaustible Substance is at your service, yet unchanging. It meets every claim made upon It and every aid sought It ministers to.

“And all things whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.”

When you are working, it is the Spirit, Mind, God, working. So man’s work is always successful, for it is God’s work, perfect and divine. Acknowledgment of the fact makes you a more ready and open channel for good.


The joy is in the doing, and the realization within is the secret of the result.

God is the Principle of achievement. Infinite Ideas are always available to man instantly. Every Idea or combination of Ideas is perfectly related to, and cooperative with, all other Ideas.

Life governs the sequence of Ideas in Mind, being the eternal Law of the Soul.

Whoever is spiritually alive makes his own place. Nothing can stop him, and no one can gainsay or resist.

If you are alive and alert spiritually, you will find constant demands for service. A rightly serving individual can and will become rooted and grounded and be prospered in whatever he undertakes.

In good faith expect rewards. Not that you serve for reward, but that you are governed by Divine Law and controlled by the immutable Principle of Harmony and Order.


Nothing succeeds like success. Nothing is as prosperous as prosperity. The more you have the feel of it, the more of it you will be given to experience and enjoy.

Do not look to the people around about you for help. There is but one Source of help and It is without limit. You are in constant relation to that exhaustless Source as effect is to cause.

Turn your face toward the Heights of Being, the unlimited Source of all supply, of all good. Stay your attention there until the sense of bountifulness and opulence wells up in consciousness.

By habitual recourse to the Heights, keep the mind well stored with the feeling of the plentifulness of all good; for as a man “thinketh in his heart, so is he.”


Want and opulence are purely states of mind, and each attracts its own kind.

To the consciousness of having, more will be added, for increase is the order of creation.

To the consciousness of not having, the sense of want will be increased and will be reflected in the form of outer need.

If “Christ is all, and in all,” you need not cope with adversity. You have only to look up and go forward in the way of Truth.

If you are true to Truth, then Truth will be truly operative in, through, and for you, making the way straight before you and providing for every human need with Its satisfaction.

Never concern yourself with what others are doing. Keep your attention on High and you will be carried forward to success and happy achievement in the field of service for which you are particularly fitted and endowed.


Singleness of mind and purpose, with steadfast vision toward the Heights, is your door to the storehouse of Divine Bounty.

Hold steadfastly to your ideals and you will go forward successfully; for you are governed by God, who is the very Principle of Bounty, Opulence, and Plenty.

Do not think of your work in terms of money, but dwell on the Principle of Law and Order.

Chasing money is pagan. You are dot sordidly seeking after money, though money is the commonly acceptable medium of exchange.

You are simply putting yourself in right relation to the Law and Its operation.

Know that this Law exists always and is constantly operative and operating. Man never created It. It is as eternal as God.


Place a sense of value upon your work; for, as you value it, others will. If you know within your own mind that what you offer has definite value and is vital to the needs of people, they will lose all fear of cost, come, and find ways and means of compensating you for what they receive.

When you know the source, you can rightfully accept with freedom of mind all good that comes to you, blessing with all your soul the Giver of all good and the agent or channel through which God acts. For he only is the Doer, Actor, Bestower, being the only Power, Substance, and Intelligence.

Keep your vision upward toward the One who is all Power, Substance, and Intelligence; and thus be ever lifted to greater heights. And with that lifting, there will be a drawing of other good to you.

If you consciously feel that God is the one and only Substance, you will prosper and never be without the outer symbol.


Seeking Truth (God), for the sake of knowing and becoming Truth, with no other thought in mind, will be followed by the influx of all that is needful.

And that will come freely, without burden or encumbrance.

You shall receive of the bounty of God, “good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over.”

There is nothing too good for the sons of God, nothing too good to be true.

Do not be satisfied with just enough with which to carry on, for all the Father has is yours. Fleretofore, being content, more or less (probably less), with having just enough with which to get by, you have been given that much.

Do not belittle yourself or accuse yourself of mistakes, errors, ignorance, walking side-wise or backwards. Do not think of yourself as sometime getting there.


Now is the acceptable time. Now is the day of salvation. Now are we sons of God. “It is God that girdeth (not will gird) me with strength (girdeth me now), and maketh my way perfect.”

A divine (right-knowing) discontent, properly directed and exercised, will deepen the channels of influx.

In all human endeavor practice makes perfect. All technique is in the mind. Hold to that and declare it often.

Remember also there is but one Mind, which is perfect; and man’s consciousness is the activity of that Mind.

Man has no feeling of responsibility. He rejoices in witnessing and demonstrating the continuous unfoldment of Truth’s ideas.

Then, ever remembering, “The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein,” he enjoys fullness in basket and store, his supplies never ending, “according to the riches of his grace.”


“Let the people praise Thee, O God; let all the people praise Thee. Then shall the earth yield her increase and God, even our own God, shall bless us.”


Healing Treatment

For the healing of the Whole Man in Mind, Body and Estate


God is All in All.

And God is Spirit.

Spirit is omnipresent, and man is the manifestation of Spirit.

Man is a spiritual Being, the image and likeness of God.

God is Love, and Love is omnipotent,

Love is the Power that causes perfect Ideas to circulate in God Mind, the only Mind.

Since Spirit is omnipresent, every Idea is spiritual, and there is no matter.

Man is spiritual throughout and shows forth purity and infinite holiness.


Man is the perfect manifestation of a perfect God, having nothing underived from Deity,

But is perfect in every detail: spiritual, divine, holy, the glorious image of the glorious God.

Man’s consciousness is the activity of God Mind.

And in man’s consciousness God’s Ideas move easily and orderly.

For God is the Principle of Law and Order, and man is governed by Divine Principle.

There is no congestion. Everything passes with absolute freedom and ease.

There are no unspiritual or malformed conditions or growths.

For all Life is the Activity of God who is Love.


Life cannot destroy; for Life is God, the Principle of eternal existence, eternal unfoldment.

Man’s head is an aggregation of divine functions and capacities.

His body is a body of divine facts and forces,

The expression of divine Ideas emanating in God Mind.

His nerves, tissues, muscles, glands, fluids, bones, and marrow - all are derived from Divinity.

They are spiritual channels in consciousness, through which God’s Ideas pass with unfailing regularity and ease.

And every Idea of God has its purpose ministering to man.

And man’s entire being is governed by God.


There is neither taint nor trace of jealousy, suspicion, mistrust, envy, covetousness, or revenge in God Mind, or in Its manifestation.

Nor is there any growth of self-conceit, self-interest, deceitfulness, or arrogance throughout man’s entire self.

God Love in the heart of man forever dissolves all such to their native nothingness, and they cannot appear as disease.

Man appropriates only the One Substance, One consciousness, one Element, One Life, One Spirit, which is God Almighty, and of whom he is Its full, entire, and complete image and likeness.

Of necessity, then, man is healthful, joyful, peaceful, trustful, powerful, God-full.

Man is not held by any lesser nature, nor bound by any former name, circumstance, or condition.


Man is free from all prenatal and postnatal influences, and is not sensitive to adverse criticism.

No error suggestions from the general mental atmosphere can enter man’s Soul domain.

He is filled with the divine sense of security.

His sense of being is detached from the personal self and human shape

And man cleaves unto the Lord, his Godbeing, with all his heart, soul and strength.

Because God has given man absolute Dominion, the fear of him is upon “every beast of the field and every creeping thing.”

So, in the name of Jesus Christ, man affirms himself pure and free from every seemingly unclean thing within the realm of consciousness.


From his God-center, to his God-circumference.

This is true; and what is true is true now and forever.

There is one God Mind, above all, through all, and in all.

The Joy of the Lord is ever flowing throughout consciousness.

And Joy is caused to move by Love, the active Principle of God Mind.

Man is sustained, supported, upheld, surrounded, over-brooded, and protected by Divine Love.

God Love is omnipresent; and where Love is there is fullness of Joy, and there abides Peace passing all understanding.

As effect is forever related to cause, abides in, and is sustained by, its cause, so man is forever related to his Cause, God,


And abides from everlasting to everlasting in his Cause, and is eternally sustained by his Cause.

As an idea is of the substance and intelligence of the mind from which it emanates and in which it forever abides,

So man, the Divine Idea, emanating from and abiding in God Mind, is of the Immaculate Substance of God Mind;

And forever expresses the Intelligence of that Mind; and cannot be infected, poisoned, inoculated, or hurt; but is forever immune from harm.

No false beliefs, no dicta, can affect man; for they cannot enter the realm of Divine mind, nor have being in the Kingdom of God, in which man lives, moves, and has his Being.

Man, the image and likeness of God,


Is pure-even as God is Pure,

Is strong—even as God is Strong,

Is perfect-even as God is Perfect,

Is forever holy—even as God is Holy,

From everlasting to everlasting! Amen!


A Transcendent Treatment

“In every thing ye are enriched by him, in all utterance, and in all knowledge; even as the testimony of Christ was confirmed in you. ”



A Transcendent Treatment

“ As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up.”

Beloved of God—greeting!

In my integrity within me, where I know and see as God, I know and see you, O beloved, to be free, wise, immortal!

I see you unfettered and unbound! triumphant! glorious! splendid!

I see you unburdened of human belief in limitation, unweighted of matter!

I see you unharassed, unharmed, undiseased, sparkling, buoyant!

I see you staunch! sturdy! forceful! powerful! divine!

I see your eye lit with fire from on high!


I see your tongue tipped with inborn celestial instinction!

I behold you bright! joyous! radiant!

I see you undaunted! victorious!

I see you spotless! chaste! beautiful!

I see you deathless! abiding! sempiternal!

I see you flawless! fearless! transcending yourself and all your affairs-uninfluenced! independent!

I see you smiling! sound! sane! strong!

I see you to be the mighty Son of God, Brother of Jesus Christ, and Joint-heir of the Father to the Kingdom!

I see you alive with God and upheld by his free Spirit forever!

All the world sees you as I see you, now and evermore! Amen!


© Christ Truth League. Reprinted with permission.