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Metaphysical meaning of Zur (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Zur (mbd)
Zur, zûr (Heb.)--rock; stone; acute; sharp; precipitous; refuge; shelter; protection; founder of a people; bound; compressed; beset; assailed; besieged.

a Father of Cozbi, the Midianitish woman who was slain by Phinehas (Num. 25:15). He was a king or prince of Midian, and was killed by the Israelites in the wilderness when they were warring against Midian (Num. 31:8). b A son of Jeiel of Gibeon, a Benjamite (I Chron. 8: 30).

Meta. Faith, as referring to the man of Benjamin (rock, refuge), and a very hard, aggressive, besieging, warring thought activity, as it pertains to the prince of Midian (rock, stone, precipitous, beset, assailed, besieged).

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