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Metaphysical meaning of Phinehas (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Phinehas (mbd)
Phinehas, phin-e-has (Heb.)--oracle; mouth of prophecy; mouth of the serpent; mouth of brass; brazen-faced; bold- unabashed.

a Son of Eleazar and grandson of Aaron (Exod. 6:25). b Son of Eli the priest (I Sam. 1:3). c Father of Eleazar, a Levite, who returned from the Babylonian captivity (Ezra 8:33).

Meta. Spiritual revelation and power (oracle, mouth of prophecy). It is necessary for the thoughts that are awakening to spiritual revelation and power to be disciplined and directed intelligently in all their ways. If they become lifted up in spiritual pride, or become selfish and act on a purely material plane because of listening to outer sense wisdom (mouth of the serpent), they become all that is signified by mouth of brass, brazen-faced, bold, unabashed, harsh, shameless, insolent, presumptuous. (See HOPHNI, brother of the Phinehas who was Eli's son.)

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