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Metaphysical meaning of Zaphenath–paneah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Zaphenath–paneah (mbd)
Zaphenath–paneah (A. V., Zaphenathpaneah), zaph–e'–nath–pa–ne'–ah (Heb. fr. Egypt.)--the savior speaks and lives; health of world; savior of the universe; salvation of the age; savior of the dynasty; sustainer of the life of the world.

The name that Pharaoh gave to Joseph (Gen. 41:45).

Meta. Pharaoh called Joseph Zaphenath–paneah (the savior s peaks and lives, savior of the universe, salvation of the age, sustainer of the life of the world, or, as Charles Fillmore defines it, "governor of the district of the place of life"), which indicates clearly that the generative center is to be ruled by the state of consciousness in which God, through the indwelling Christ, is the directive power.

We understand that Joseph down in Egypt portrays the involution of a high spiritual idea. The several visits of his brothers to Egypt for corn, and the final reconciliation, are a symbolical representation of the manner in which we make connection with the obscured vitality in the organism and finally bring all our faculties into conjunction with it.

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