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Metaphysical meaning of Zaphon (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Zaphon (mbd)
Zaphon, za'–phon (Heb.)--covered; protected– concealed; secret; private; unknown; unmanifest; hidden powers; not to be revealed; boreal; the left side, i. e., when facing east; north; north quarter; northern; north wind.

A city in Gad, in Palestine (Josh. 13: 27).

Meta. Zaphon refers to the north, to that which is above in consciousness, or in this case, we might say, to that which is above the consciousness of man--the spiritual or God wisdom and intelligence. Its center or seat in man is in the very top of the head. From this higher wisdom--which is secret and hidden, and not to be revealed, so far as the human or sensate is concerned--come all the clear, keen revelations of Truth that often seem so hard, cold, and cutting (signified by north wind) to the sense mind of the individual. Truth discloses and puts away error, without sympathy or compromise. Thus Truth teachers and healers are sometimes called hardhearted by patients and students, especially by those who want help but are loath to let go of cherished error beliefs and practices.

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