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Metaphysical meaning of transfiguration (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of transfiguration (mbd)

Meta. The transfiguration of Jesus described in Matthew and Mark took place when Jesus went with three apostles up into a mountain. There the three beheld Him transfigured.

The Christ body is a transfigured one. We perceive it when we ascend into a high place spiritually, into the secret place of the Most High; when we lift up our thoughts. The apostles of Jesus represent the faculties of the spiritual man. When we lift up our faculties, we behold spiritual reality and we see the body as it is in Truth, refined and vitalized in every cell, quickened and harmonized in every function, transformed into a body of living, luminiferous energy, beautiful, strong, whole, young, eternal, incorruptible, a true center of the divine energy.

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