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Metaphysical meaning of Phoenix (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Phoenix (mbd)
Phoenix (A.V., Phenice), phoe'-nix (Gk.)--the bennu bird; palm branch; palm tree; purple; blood-red.

"A haven of Crete" that the master of the ship in which Paul was being taken to Rome tried to reach in order that they might winter there; but they were driven out of their course by a storm that arose, and were shipwrecked (Acts 27:12).

Meta. Crete (carnal, fleshly) signifies the material, sensual, worldly consciousness in man as opposed to the spiritual. Phoenix, a haven of Crete (palm tree, purple, blood-red), would signify a degree of conquest and power, also of renewal of life activity, expressing in the carnal consciousness of the individual. (See PHOENICIA.)

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