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Metaphysical meaning of son (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of son (mbd)
son, nobleman's, healing of (John 4:46-54).

Meta. In the healing of the nobleman's son, the nobleman, representing exalted thoughts, makes more direct contact with Divine Mind, and so seeks to have the healing power brought to bear upon that activity in the subconsciousness (son, at Capernaum) which is apparently dying, in other words, losing sight of the life and substance necessary for its perfect expression.

Jesus did not go down to the sick child, because in doing its quickening, healing work the spiritual I AM does not direct its force into the realm of effects or give weight to adverse appearances, but calmly and deliberately declares the Truth. The subconsciousness receives the word and is comforted, healed. The bodily activities (servants) bear witness to the fact that harmony and order are restored; "the father knew . . . himself believed, and his whole house."

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