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Metaphysical meaning of Shimea (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Shimea (mbd)
Shimea (in A. V., I Chronicles 2:13, Shimma), shim'-e-å (Heb.)--sound; song; music; hearing; hearkening; report; rumor; fame; announcement; declaration- obedience; understanding.

a Son of Jesse and brother of David (I Chron. 2:13). b Son of David, born to him in Jerusalem of Bathshua, or Bathsheba, who was also the mother of Solomon (I Chron. 3:5). c A Levite, descended from Merari (I Chron. 6:30). d Another Levite, grandfather of Asaph, a chief musician and singer in David's reign (I Chron. 6:39). Shimea, the brother of David, is called Shammah in I Samuel 16:9, Shimeah in II Samuel 13:3, and Shimei in II Samuel 21:21.

Meta. High ideas of Truth becoming generally received and accepted throughout one's truer and more real thoughts (Israelites), though as yet the origin of these ideas is but little known or understood (rumor, fame, hearing).

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