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Metaphysical meaning of Shimei (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Shimei (mbd)
Shimei (in A. V., Exod. 6:17, Shimi; I Chron. 8:21, Shimhi; II Sam. 21:21, Shimeah), shim'-e-i (Heb.--famous; renowned; reputed; Jah is famed; who hears; who hearkens; who obeys.

There are several Israelites by this name mentioned in the Bible (Num. 3:18, II Sam. 16:5-14). The Shimei of I Chronicles 8:21 is called Shema in I Chronicles 8:13.

Meta. Ideas of Truth becoming current throughout the phases of consciousness in the individual that the Israelites represent. In Shimei, however, these higher Truth ideals are getting past the place of being like a "rumor" (see SHEMA), suggestions whose origin is not known; the Christ or spiritual consciousness is now being understood to be their source (Jah is famed). The obedient, receptive attitude is marked in these names.

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