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Metaphysical meaning of Shilshah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Shilshah (mbd)
Shilshah, shil'-shah (Heb.)--third; threefold; triplet; triplication; third part; third time; solidarity; might; dominion; welfare; perfection; extraction; subtraction; trial.

Son of Zophah, an Asherite (I Chron. 7:37)

Meta. The threefold man--spirit, soul, and body (triplication, triplet)--but with the third phase of his being, that which pertains to the body and outer consciousness, occupying the most prominent place. Thus the individual experiences trial and inharmony, since his higher ideas of dominion and might and his welfare as yet pertain more to personal force and greatness than they do to the true inner Christ rule of love.

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