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Metaphysical meaning of Merari (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Merari (mbd)
Merari, me-ra'-ri (Heb.)--galling; bitter; unhappy; disobedient; rebellious.

Son of Levi (Gen. 46:11). Meta. A bitter, rebellious, inharmonious state of thought existing in the love consciousness of the natural man (Levi, father of Merari, was the son of Jacob who represents the love faculty in man). Merari signifies love directed by the ignorance and selfishness of the personal man; this gives a bitter, disobedient trend to one's thoughts and experiences, instead of the abiding peace, strength, and good that are always the result of true love's expressing in consciousness in union with wisdom. (See MAHLI and JAAZIAH, sons of Merari.)

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