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Metaphysical meaning of Shilhi (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Shilhi (mbd)
Shilhi, shil-hi (Heb.)--one sent out; courier; messenger; warrior; armed with spears or arrows; spear man; lancer; bowman. Father of Azubah, who was the mother of King Jehoshaphat, of Judah (I Kings 22:42).

Meta. A thought, belonging to the higher, truer consciousness in man (an Israelite), that perceives the Christian life to be a warfare until the lesser self is overcome and everything in one is adjusted according to Truth (courier, messenger, warrior, armed with spears or arrows).

This is true, yet our weapons are not carnal but spiritual; they are true thoughts and words pertaining to our own inner Christ dominion and power, and not thoughts, words, or acts of a resistant, personally aggressive nature. That the thought that Shilhi signifies has something of a warring and oppressive character, and is not wholly established in the spiritual method of overcoming, is suggested by the deserted, forsaken attitude of the soul that Shilhi's daughter Azubah signifies.

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